The Bryant Park summer movie series is one of the most well-attended outdoor movie series in the city (and there are a lot). It also has the odd tradition of what we'll call: The Lawn Rush. At exactly 5 o'clock every Monday movie night, attendees (some of whom have been sitting at the perimeter of the lawn since 3 p.m.) charge onto the grass like it's the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. Blankets (sometimes massive frankenblankets) are thrown down to claim pieces of the lawn, which is packed in seconds.

Last night the summer series kicked off with Ghostbusters, and you can watch the 2015 Inaugural Lawn Rush below—the first video was taken from the 40th floor of the MetLife Building.

And from ground level:

Here's Bryant Park's movie schedule for the summer, and our helpful tips on attending are right here.

Update: Check out this shot from our photographer Navid Baraty, on our Instagram:

Summer movie night in Bryant Park 🎥🌃 (photo by @navidbaraty)

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