If you weren't one of the thousands to make it to Times Square for the World AIDS Day concert last night, you can watch the entire 50 minutes below. The show, which was only announced hours before taking place, featured a Bono-free U2 (he's still recovering from his Central Park bike accident), with Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen taking turns at fronting the band. They billed themselves as "U2 Minus 1," and Martin wore a "Substitute" t-shirt.

Kanye West and Carrie Underwood also performed, and Bill Clinton even turned up, kicking things off by reading a note from Bono: "Twenty-six years ago it wouldn't have been possible to have a concert in Times Square on World AIDS Day because to be diagnosed with AIDS was a death sentence... But this year, for the first time ever, more people were put on life-saving medicine than were diagnosed with AIDS. We are going to win this fight."

Ain't nothin' wrong with The Boss singing "Where The Streets Have No Name"—skip to the 37-minute mark for that one. Rolling Stone called it: "an amazing moment."