Former Walkmen multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin unveiled his first solo album—a charming children's album called We Are All Young Together that doesn't sound much like what you assume a children's album should sound like—at an intimate show at Joe's Pub last Friday. He was joined by indie rock luminaries (including Karen O & Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's and fellow former Walkman Hamilton Leithauser) to perform songs about animals and The Beatles' hairstyles. I haven't been able to get the song "We Like The Zoo" out of my head ever since—and today, you too will get the song stuck in your head thanks to a lovely music video featuring supermodel Lily McMenamy dancing around Manhattan to the tune.

"I made We’re All Young Together basically for parents, as well as for kids too young to decide what they want to listen to before they discover Katy Perry," Martin told the Times, adding that he was influenced by classic songwriters such as Randy Newman, Michael Hurley and Jonathan Richman.

He also explained the concept for the music video for the song (which features The National's Matt Berninger on vocals), which was directed by KT Auleta: "KT is friends with my wife, and we were talking about this concept for a video she and Lily had," Martin said. "I thought it was so funny I suggested she use my song for it. It’s bright, fun and spontaneous, and I loved how 'New York' it was. It basically follows the theme of the song — how people are animals, basically. The beast in us is just wild at heart."

[h/t Stereogum]