If you were anything like us, you were curled up in an anxiety ball with your fingers over your eyes watching all the highlights from last night's debate, including Donald Trump arguing the finer points of puppetry, complaining about his Emmy snubs, and calling out "bad hombres" all over.

But if you had something better to do and/or care about your mental health and missed it, there's no one better at holding your hand as you walk through the inferno than Stephen Colbert, who did a recap of the debate in his monologue last night (and paraded his own Emmys around). "Democracy is going to end with a cliffhanger," is not something any of us want to hear.

Colbert also had as his guest "election prophet extraordinaire" Nate Silver, who picked apart just how much Trump's final debate performance was a disaster: "It’s as though she was ahead by 10 points in a football game, and Trump just threw a pick-six," Silver said. "So, it’s not looking too good for Donald J. Trump."

Colbert also tackled Trump's rigged elections claims by having registered dead voter Horace McNulty, played by Hugh Laurie, drop by to share his take on the election.