After months of playing footsie with the electorate about their plans to repeal-and-replace Obamacare, Republicans finally unveiled their healthcare plan (aka "Obamacare Lite") this week. Stephen Colbert immediately got into the nitty gritty last night: "So this bill is going to be like those fancy restaurants where they don't have what it costs on the menu?"

He also pointed out that the plan will cover "20 million fewer Americans than Obamacare," and he has a hard time imagining who could possibly be happy with this plan—well, except for the Grim Reaper of course. After having a jolly dance with him, Colbert added, "Where was I? Oh yeah, we're all going to die."

In the second half of the monologue, Colbert focused on new HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and his idiotic comments in which he called slaves "immigrants, and the Jews in Egypt were pyramid interns."

Also, you'll be happy to note that Colbert has remained the dominant force in the late night TV landscape for the fifth week in a row—and that's reportedly pressuring Jimmy Fallon to adjust his own show in response. As we previously wrote, he really could use it!