Programming at the Republican National Convention begins this afternoon, and while the GOP is bringing out a speaker list that includes Benghazi vets, Scott Baio, the Duck Dynasty guy, and more Benghazi vets, they might want to pack it in and go home right now because Stephen Colbert has already stolen the show.

Colbert somehow made it to the convention's main podium Sunday and began dramatically retelling the tale of Donald Trump as he channeled/parodied The Hunger Games television host character Caesar Flickerman. "He has formed an alliance with Indiana governor Mike Pence...sorry I blacked out there for a moment," Colbert said.

Lifting the convention's massive gavel aloft, Colbert shouted about launching "The 2016 Republican National Hungry for Power Games." Regular fans of Colbert's CBS Late Show will get the reference: Colbert has made a semi-regular bit out of dressing up as Flickerman, clutching a stuffed dead ferret named Caligula, and doling out political analysis as he sips champagne.

A person who appears to be security quickly led Colbert off stage—Colbert quipped, "Look, I know I'm not supposed to be up here but let's be honest, neither is Donald Trump"—but the fact that he was able to get to the podium in an arena that's currently being policed by thousands of riot cops and is also a Pokemon Gym makes one wonder if this was a pre-approved stunt that we'll see later tonight during his 11:35 p.m. broadcast. Colbert also tweeted photos of himself playing with power cables inside the Quicken Loans Arena.

Finally, in other RNC-disrupting news, Rage Against the Machine/Public Enemy/Cypress Hill supergroup Prophets of Rage released their self-titled debut single Monday morning. The band will play in Cleveland tomorrow night.