Last week, MSNBC morning personalities Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski announced they were engaged, so Saturday Night Live decided to tweak its fellow NBCUniversal colleagues by having Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat send up the happy Morning Joe couple in the cold open.

In an exclusive Vanity Fair piece, the couple revealed details of the engagement (Scarborough popped the question in the south of France with oval diamond engagement ring) and offered quotes like "It was something I couldn't deny anymore," from Brzezinski and Scarborough's "We want to spend the rest of our lives together and that's more important than what management will think and critics will think or anybody else."

Scarborough is a former Republican congressman and Brzezinski is the daughter of Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor, so their opposing views have been part of the show's dynamic. During the sketch, McKinnon's Mika complained about AHCA and other GOP measures, prompting Moffat's Joe to say, "Oh, Mika. That's enough, ok, you're being sickening because you know it…pushes…my…buttons…" as the couple got increasingly cozy.

"Joe" also said, "Mika Boo, you're being a stinker," to the horrified expressions of their Morning Joe crew, Mike Barnicle (Bobby Moynihan), Mark Halperin (Beck Bennett) and Willie Geist (Mikey Day).

There was also a call from White House spokesman "John Miller," who sounded a lot like Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump. (Trump did, in real life, call People magazine as spokesman John Miller in 1991). "Miller" first wished everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo, the day "Mexicans eat a sink full of mayonnaise."

"Miller" then bragged about the House passing AHCA, "We had a party, there was beer," only for Moffat, as Scarborough to explain that the Senate hasn't repealed the legislation yet. "Miller" says, "The what now?" and "But there was beer."

The real-life couple told Vanity Fair that President Trump offered to marry them at Mar-a-Lago or the White House.