The "IT'S SHOOOOWWWWTIME!" dancers are a part of the New York City landscape, much to the dismay of many New Yorkers who dislike getting kicked in the face. But what if these dancers got off the crowded subway car and did their thing somewhere with a little more space?

Josh Cohen recently filmed some of these guys above ground—both in a studio and, even better, in nature (specifically, Forest Park in Queens, he tells us). Here's what the Showtime dancers look like when they're not so in-your-face, and given a slow-mo treatment. It's actually pretty beautiful. Cohen told us that "after working with these guys and seeing what they can do out of the confines of a subway car, I have an even greater appreciation for their art. I'll be sure to tip showtime dancers when ever I see them."

As for finding the dancers you see in the video, Cohen explained: "When we were looking to cast the dancers it was right around the time de Blasio was cracking down and the police were giving out all of those reckless endangerment tickets, so we actually had a hard time finding them." They eventually found dancers on the L train—in order of appearance: Donell Charles aka Don Lyve 17, Yushon Stoughn aka sonic 20, and Bryan Sibblies aka BJ 20.

Cohen told us these guys "had amazing energy and were so positive the entire time... they were quite serious about dancing. Two of them were involved in gymnastics outside of dancing in the subway and they all went to these big dance meet ups where a lot of showtime dancers would hang out. They had crews as well. Bryan was in W.A.F.F.L.E (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) and Yushon is in Lyve Tyme. They practice just about every single day for multiple hours a day. On set Yushon was trying to nail this trick (that happens at 1:15) that involved catching a hat while doing a back hand spring. It took him about 30 tries until he got it... insane stamina and persistence."