Think back, for a moment, to your childhood: a time before responsibilities, taxes, making rent, and maybe even heartbreak. (Unless you were one of those unfortunate souls dumped by your fifth grade boyfriend, all beneath the monkey bars). We all had big dreams back then—maybe you wanted to be an astronaut or to illustrate comic books. Maybe you wanted to travel the world—and who cared if any of this felt untenable or out of reach? You were a kid, and you shot for the moon with abandon.

But, of course, we all grow up. We pay our taxes (hopefully), and we keep our promises—all with the idea of living our best lives, beholden to lots of things that keep world trudging forward. But what of those dreams? What ever became of that inner astronaut? Or even that person who just wanted to tell one funny joke on a stage and maybe have people laugh in return?

There's a lot of compromise in this world. According to what's known as The Global Dream Index, over half the world's women are unsatisfied with their lives and feel like they've given up on their dreams. But we build our future one step at a time, right? Every second of every day, we have the capacity to the create a better next second, if we put our minds to it.

In a new debut film, SK-II asks women how they can dream once more. And the catch? Think back to your seven-year-old self. What would she say?

Watch below as kids take center stage and share some pure and inspiring advice for a more fulfilling future—because wisdom doesn't always come from age.

This post is brought to you by SK-II.