And it's been sooooooo long... As far as bands who it is nearly impossible for us to hear without being sent into a Proustian trip down memory lane go, Portishead is right up there at the top of the list. Between Dummy and their eponymous second album, the gang from Bristol's very specific sound was a constant 90s companion which we still pull out regularly (their 2008 album Third is pretty great, too). Sadly, we never got to see them live back then... until now!

Sure, the band released a video and album of their 1997 concert at Roseland with the New York Philharmonic (somebody at the late Tower Video on Lafayette used to put it on at least once a week—see what we mean about the memories?) but that was a special one-off. Luckily for the curious, as Free Williamsburg notes, filmmaker Joe Burns was at a December 1997 show at Hammerstein Ballroom and shot an entire concert. And now it is online at Cooler Than Jesus. Yes, the video isn't always close, but the camera is steady (if sometimes blurry) and the audio is what you want anyway. Because that Beth Gibbons sure has a voice on her.