Ever since the lineup of guests for Stephen Colbert's first week at Late Show was announced, there's been speculation about who his musical guest for last night really was. It was apparent from the get-go that Troubled Water, the world's premiere Paul Simon tribute band, was a joke (after all, Simon would NEVER cancel on a Bar Mitzvah).

It turned out the whole thing was an excuse for Colbert to live out his dream of performing the whistling part of "Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" with the man himself. Not that Simon didn't have a very fun time too: "Paul Simon is a bit of a jerk," the real Paul Simon begrudgingly admits in the video below.

Simon also closed out the show with a special solo performance of "American Tune."

In addition to Simon, Colbert had a very amusing conversation with Amy Schumer, in which she admitted to drunk-eating Jake Gyllenhaal's cake while staying at his apartment. Schumer and Colbert also took some time to apologize to their old school teachers for not doing any work. Watch that below.

Also interesting: the Independent UK notes that Colbert was spotted wearing a "Black Lives Matter" bracelet during yesterday's broadcast. BLM organizer Patrick Waldo was in the audience for Friday's taping, and during an audience Q&A session, he asked Colbert to wear the bracelet and address the matter on-air.

"I'm not promising anything, but I will give it some thought," Colbert said during the Q&A. "I really want to give this one some thought and then I'll get back to you. This bracelet was made for someone much smaller than myself...If I don't say it on tonight's show I'll work it in in one of the next few episodes."

The man did not hide it! Thank you @colbertlateshow for your not so subtle support of #BlackLivesMatter

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Waldo said he had "complete confidence" that Colbert will indeed address the issue soon enough. "He didn't decide to run it by a network executive first or ask me more about Black Lives Matter. He knows the issues, he clearly agrees there is a problem, and he put that wrist band on without a moment's hesitation," Waldo said. "I kept waiting for someone to take it off of him during the commercial breaks, but he kept it on the entire show! I thought that was extremely commendable, especially given his position and the fact that it's his first week on the show."