2007_05_macys.jpgWell, this is certainly makes the prospect of trying on clothes worse: A 16-year-old girl was attacked by a naked man in a dressing room at Macy's Herald Square.

Ashley Sims tells the Post that she was trying on a dress for a special occasion in the junior girls' department when Dennis Green, who had been in an adjacent dressing room, "ripped open the door" of her room.

"I had just started changing. I had just put on the dress," Ashley said. "He tried to come in. He hooked his arm around my neck." The terrified teen struggled with the perv and slammed the dressing room door against him to beat him off.

"I was just bashing him. It was just instinct to put the person out," she recalled.

She smashed the door against his arms and legs before she dashed out of the area and notified the dressing-room attendant.

"I was just in shock," Ashley said. "I was shaking. I [told the attendant], 'There's a guy in there.' "

What the hell? The police arrived, only to find Green putting on his clothes in the other dressing room - with cigarette butts and trash on the floor. Ugh - now we know why some dressing rooms stink so much.

Green was charged with burglary and attempted sexual abuse and Macy's says that the company's security acted immediately. But Ashley and her mother Nidza Valentin are skeptical - they believe Green may have entered through an allegedly locked door and are considering legal action. Ashely told the Post, "I've shopped there since I was little. It seems so unsafe. What if that guy was in the little girls' section? He could have raped someone."

At some stores, attendants are generally running between the dressing rooms and the floor to help customers, and given the number of dressing rooms at Macy's, it might be hard for one employee to be stationed there all the time. But still, this is ballsy and you'd hope security cameras would monitor activity outside halls to the dressing rooms.