TMZ seems relieved that troubled starlet (because is there any other kind?) Amanda Bynes has been spotted in New York City, because "public transportation is readily available." But Lindsay Lohan, who has a terrible track record with driving, has been in NYC and she's already been accused of a hit-and-run!

Anyway, TMZ reports, "Amanda is telling friends the reason she jetted off to New York ... is because she was tired of being followed in L.A. -- something she says doesn't happen in NYC. Bynes now tells friends she NEVER wants to come back to L.A, which is interesting timing considering her parents JUST moved to CA from TX to be closer to their daughter. "

Bynes was busted for DUI earlier this year (and asked President Obama to fire the cop who arrested her) and has been charged with two hit-and-runs. Her license was suspended in early September, but she was still hitting cars and smoking pot while driving a week ago. And now she's in a city where the police let drivers get away with murder!