On the day that Elvis died—August 16th, 1977—Eyewitness News anchors in New York went around town and talked to locals, tourists, and radio disc jockeys. Below, a 9-minute compilation of clips from the day of the King's death, from the newsroom and out to 5th Avenue and 47th Street, where a group talks about the musician's untimely death.

Tourist Carol from Utica said, "It's a total shock, he was to appear in our area Friday night. People waited two to three hours just for tickets!" The Utica Memorial Auditorium was set to host Elvis that Friday, three days after his death. Elvis was also scheduled to play his first ever Nassau County show, at the Coliseum, the following Monday.

Elvis's last show in New York City was five years before his death, at Madison Square Garden in 1972:

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