Hope you still have some tissues left after President Obama's stirring farewell speech—because First Lady Michelle Obama was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (thanks a lot, JIMMY) to make her final talk show appearance as FLOTUS.

One of the best segments was a series of people recording very moving messages of gratitude to the First Lady—and, of course, the First Lady and Fallon surprise them at the end.

Fun fact: At the 3:30 mark is Brooklyn resident and safe streets advocate Doug Gordon, who credited FLOTUS with both inspiring his daughter to try her school's salad bar AND infusing dialogue with kindness. Gordon called it "the privilege of a lifetime."

The First Lady wrote thank you notes:

She thanked her mother for living at the White House and helping raise Malia and Sasha:

The First Lady discussed how it's important that the First Family have their own space and that's sacred. She noted how former President George W. Bush and his family were gracious with advice, and she talked about helping the Trumps: "This democracy is not about party. It's not about demonizing the other side. We're all trying to get stuff done. We've seen that decency. We're trying to emulate that decency. We're going to be supportive to the Trump administration as much as we can be. Particularly, I'm available for Melania, for Ivanka, for anyone."

As for why Sasha wasn't at her father's farewell speech, she explained, "You know the Obamas! 'Sorry, girl, you better take your test. ... You can say goodbye later.'"

It was a celebrity packed send-off for the First Lady. She and Fallon played Catch Phrase against Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld, who wore a tux for the occasion:

And Stevie Wonder sang a medley of "Isn't She Lovely" and "My Cherie Amour":

Eight more days.