Amy Schumer, who can do no wrong right now, got spanked live on stage by Madonna at Madison Square Garden last night. Yes, step right up and see for yourself, free of charge:

@Madonna having a little fun with @amyschumer on stage at @MadisonSquareGarden!

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Drop it like its hot!😂 #amyschumerismyspiritanimal #amyschumer #rebelhearttour #msg #madonna

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Schumer was paraded out by Madonna at the end of her concert, after the comedian kicked off the night with a 40 minute stand-up set. "I can’t think of anyone better to open for Madonna…other than absolutely any band," Schumer told the sold-out crowd when she hit the stage. "What am I doing here? I thought nobody would be here this is awesome! You guys, I'm opening for mother f---ing Madonna right now! This is the best, this is the shit!" PopCrush says she killed it:

The Trainwreck star thoroughly nailed her hour-long opening slot for Madonna’s first night at Madison Square Garden on the Rebel Heart Tour last night (September 16).

Like the lady of the evening, Schumer kept the crowd gasping with pearl-clutching subject matter and cutting social commentary, rattling through everything from meeting (and dreaming of dating) Bradley Cooper, to her newfound friendship with Jenner Lawrence (she subscribes to Drake’s “No New Friends” policy — until meeting Lawrence, after which she decided “Okay, maybe one new friend”), to her explanation of rare sex positions and a bold declaration of appreciation for, uh, ejaculation. What a time for women in Hollywood! (That’s a running joke.)

Schumer will open for Madonna at the Garden again tonight and at Barclays Center on Saturday. Here's more video from her climactic "Unapologetic Bitch" dance.

Did I ever tell you about that one time I saw Madonna in Atlantic City and liked it?