When national treasure Louis C.K. performed at the NY City Center on March 1st as a benefit for P.S. 3 on Staten Island, he was interrupted by a female heckler who complimented him on his sexy boots. And to C.K., positive heckles are no better than positive stereotypes—you can see him go off on her in the hilarious video below.

A Gawker commenter who says he was at the show said this wasn't the only time the woman interrupted C.K.:

I was at this show, and it got much worse later on. About 30 minutes later, as Louis was trying to segue into a joke about the zoo, the same woman yelled something like, "Have you ever seen the monkey who smokes cigarettes?" He fucking lost it on her.

He told her that she was a terrible, mean-spirited person, and basically reenacted his conversation with the woman outside the comedy club from the heckler episode of Louie.

It was pretty great.

You can see the classic Louis bit below: