With Curb Your Enthusiasm returning for a ninth season this weekend, Larry David showed up on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night to join the writer's room for a sketch that hilariously turned into an extended Curb riff. After arriving late due to an "historic urination," David proceeds to pick apart writing room etiquette, complain about his chair, interrupts everyone's pitches, and gets annoyed by Meyers interrupting his pitch with tea: "The pitch is sacrosanct. You don't interrupt pitches under any circumstances," David said. It all culminates in a classic Curb stare down and a writer's room mutiny. It's beautiful:

Later, David sat down and talked with Meyers about that time Jennifer Lawrence said she had a crush on them. "When you heard that she had a crush on me as well.. .you seemed quite displeased that we were lumped together, as if that distracted from the ego trip that you were on," David said, adding that he's been waiting for his apology. He just wants to be her only crush: "I'm not gonna lie: it would have been better if it was just me. When he said you, I too was disappointed."

David also talked about his indecisive nature, the best part of growing up in Brooklyn ("It was fun. You played baseball on concrete, that was fun. But there was no nature... the only grass I ever saw was on the divider of the Belt Parkway"), his inability to smell flowers ("I was born with the ability to only smell disgusting things") and how much he disappoints his fans when they meet him: "People who are fans, once they meet me they are so disappointed so quickly. It's unbelievable. In two minutes... the disappointment is etched on their face. It's like, 'This is the guy I wanted to meet? There's nothing to him, there's nothing. What am I, crazy?'"

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns with all new episodes on HBO Sunday, October 1st.