We have a big flatscreen at Gothamist HQ that frequently tells us what topics are trending in NYC, letting us stay abreast of such issues as #HoodCerealNames, and Maxwell Drew. It is because of this valuable news-gathering tool that we discovered the video below of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini for photographer Terry Richardson, and the good of humanity. Her top stays on (barely) so we're comfortable calling this Semi-SFW. (Ideally, you work alone at home in a darkened soundproof man cave, wearing a bib.)

Yes, that kid's got talent. We know from Urban Dictionary that the dance she was demonstrating is called the "Cat Daddy," which "is the name of a dance used when you dougie. It was created by the Rej3tz who have a song called 'Cat Daddy.' For this dance, you cross your arms in front of you, then behind then you move your hands in a wheel chair motion while going down low." Informative!

Earlier this year, the 19-year-old Upton graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Today she's cavorting with Terry Richardson and... becoming Terry Richardson. What does tomorrow hold?! Gothamist internship?