Earlier this year, we learned that Daily Show correspondent and legitimately tall person Jordan Klepper had won the spin-off lottery and would be taking over the 11:30 p.m. post-Daily Show slot (formerly home to Larry Wilmore). We already got to see a short trailer, but the first clip from his new show, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, gives us a much better idea of what kind of persona Klepper will be taking on, satirizing "alternative-news" purveyors like Breitbart and InfoWars.

"We are anti-mainstream," he tells people at a Trump rally in Arizona. "Anti-Soros, anti-globalists...we're anti-Oprah's book club, we're anti...pho? Not antifa the movement, the Vietnamese soup." And of course, Hillary Clinton, "public enemy #1." What is to be done about a problem like Hillary? "I supported this shirt and Hillary going to prison," one person wearing a "Hillary For Clinton" shirt told him. Somehow, that leads to Klepper leading a chant of "impeach Hillary."

The show premieres on Comedy Central on September 25th.