Don Draper selling sliced bread or Jon Hamm in Black Mirror?

With Mad Men ending next year, it's been kind of interesting watching Jon Hamm very slowly change out of his Don Draper suit and into something a little more uncomfortable. That godawful baseball movie aside, he's made some good choices, mostly tapping into his love for comedy. We'll get to see a more menacing side of him, however, in Black Mirror's upcoming Christmas special.

For the uninformed: Black Mirror is a British show that is similar to The Twilight Zone but with a heavy lean towards futuristic cyber stuff (in season 2, for example, they have an episode that's like Her, but way more dark). The show airs on Channel 4 over there, but you can probably figure out a way to watch it stateside. In the meantime, Netflix just added the first two seasons to their streaming library, so you can catch up there. (Note: each episode is its own story, so you will not need to watch each season before watching the Christmas special.)

As for Hamm's role, the Verge quite aptly points out that he seems to play some "kind of shady call-center neo-Hitch." And Channel 4's press release declares that the special as a whole "will be the most mind-bending episode yet, showcasing three interwoven stories of Yuletide techno-paranoia."

What if it's a crossover with AMC and THIS is how Megan Draper dies?