Norm Macdonald brought his Live! podcast production to New York City this week where he sat down with Jerry Seinfeld; over the hour long conversation the two hit upon a lot of topics, including their influences, whether or not there's a god, what life is, and joke-making. It's a pretty great conversation, and you can listen to the entire thing above.

At the start, they delve into the problematic case of Bill Cosby, a comedian they both still admire. Seinfeld brought up Cosby while the two were discussing their influences—"I think Bill Cosby's the biggest comedian of all time. I don't think anyone will ever match his production and quality of material." Seinfeld was briefly met with silence, and then continued, asking, "Do you like Bill Cosby?"

"I love Bill Cosby," Macdonald said, adding, "I had maybe the greatest Bill Cosby story ever. And now it's not in the 10,000. Because I'll tell people the story, and then I'll constantly be interrupted by, 'And then, did he rape you?' He didn't ever rape me. It had nothing to do with the story."

Seinfeld asked the age old question that has been coming up more and more lately around Cosby and other entertainers: "How much are you bothered by the fact that this comedian who you really thought was great turns out to be this person doing horrible things... Do you separate his work from the person? Does it taint it at all?" Macdonald said, "Not at all," before bringing up hypothetical scenarios for comparison, "[If you hear] Beethoven raped his own daughter...would you care?"

"I would," Seinfeld said, "That's pretty bad, pick a different crime."

Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting as many as a dozen women over the decades. In June, after a jury said they were "hopelessly deadlocked" in Cosby's case, a Pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial.