Hugh Jackman has been playing the character Wolverine for the last 400 years in various X-Men/Wolverine/Fox-produced Marvel movies (true fact: I saw the original X-Men movie open at the Ziegfield Theater back in 1617). There have been two different sets of X-Men (who doesn't love time travel?), two Supermen (four if you count TV), two Batmen, and three different Spider-Men let loose on the world while Jackman has continued doing his thing and being the best there is at what he does. So it's understandable, and a bummer, that he finally decided it was time to hang up the claws next year.

But superhero movie fans will get one more chance to see Jackman's iconic portrayal of the character in the third and final Wolverine solo film, Logan, which will be released March 3rd, 2017. And based on the first trailer below, it looks like it's going to be a unique film for a superhero movie: a depressed buddy flick about the end of mutants featuring Professor X with dementia, Logan with healing problems, Stephen Merchant as the Invisible Man (ok ok, Caliban), and a little girl with super powers they have to take care of straight out of The Professional.

This will also be the first Wolverine-related movie to have an R rating. We get a glimpse of why in the trailer:

Throughout all of Jackman's previous eight appearances as Logan, fans have never gotten to see him don his classic '80s uniform. Will the ninth and final time do the trick?