The Rolling Stones made their long-awaited debut at the Glastonbury musical festival yesterday. Festival organizer Michael Eavis had been trying to get the Stones to play for 43 years, which Mick Jagger playfully brought up at one point, noting organizers had "finally got round to asking us" to top the bill. You can watch the second half of the show in high quality video below—that includes a Mick Taylor appearance on "Midnight Rambler," a fantastic take of rarity "2000 Light Years From Home," and the always welcome "Tumbling Dice."

You can see the full setlist here. Eavis said that this was his favorite ever Glastonbury performance, above classic headlining sets from Radiohead and Oasis: "Musically, they were absolutely brilliant," he told the Guardian. "Mick Jagger's energy leading that band with such a passion and so much style; he was absolutely amazing. I've never seen anything like it. It's quite remarkable to think he can go like that, at his age...His legs and his arms and his movement—he was going for it like his life depended on it."

Clifton Wiens summed up the remarkable staying power and energy of the Stones in one perfect tweet: