Were you waiting to drive through the Park Avenue Tunnel this weekend, idling in traffic because of idiot drivers? And then, suddenly, like an apparition, a crotchety guy starts barking, "Let's go!" and "Get out!" and directing traffic, kind of the way your dad does? Yes, that was actually Harrison Ford playing traffic cop.

According to TMZ, "Ford's Benz got trapped Sunday in between cars entering the Midtown tunnel. There was a pileup inside, and ol' Indiana Jones wasn't down to wait ... so he got outta his ride and started directing traffic! No clear and present danger far as we can see, except maybe Harrison being late for a flight. You can hear other drivers' disbelief in the video because, quite frankly, it looked like he was shooting a movie the way he barked commands."

You can ">watch the action here.

So, Deckard is obviously not a replicant, because no android would fully understand road rage.