Harrison Ford, a man who was once responsible for a lot of weird feelings I had in elementary school, has been uncharacteristically enthusiastic while making the publicity rounds for a little film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And on Fallon last night, my One True Love addressed a little accident he had on set last year, using a Han Solo Barbie doll to demonstrate how the Millennium Falcon—and possibly director J.J. Abrams—broke his leg.

"They closed a fucking door on me!" he says, before ripping the clothing off a Han Solo doll, something I never did as a child. Never! Behold, the beauty:

Also, since this is Fallon we're talking about, Ford was presented with two alcoholic beverages, courtesy of the bartenders over at PDT. One, the Millennium Fallon, looks like a lightsaber, which is confusing because the Falcon is a SPACESHIP, guys. The other is dubbed a Greedo shot, which is also a misnomer because obviously Han shot first (George Lucas says Greedo shot first, but George Lucas is wrong about everything).