Hannibal Buress, known best both for his beloved role as Lincoln on Broad City and for bringing the Bill Cosby rape allegations back to light, is about to get his own Comedy Central show, Why? With Hannibal Buress. And to promote it, the station released the comic's "secret" Daily Show audition, in which Buress accuses Obama of being addicted to edamame and correctly points out that it would be very difficult for a president to be a germaphobe. See below:

Though the supposed audition tape seems more like a marketing tool for Buress's show—set to premiere tomorrow—it certainly comes off as more entertaining than the fodder offered up by "new and sexy" Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who will make his debut on September 28th.

Jon Stewart will host his last show on August 6th, and you can watch every single episode aired during his 16-year run until then.