Back at the start of November, Emma Watson snuck around the city hiding Maya Angelou's book Mom and Me and Mom inside various subway stations. It seemed like a very nice way to promote literacy! And it didn't include any references to Harry Potter, which is especially good because The Important People have decided they hate that now.

Unfortunately, the whole world has gone to shit since then: Donald Trump has been doing his best to jumpstart a new Nativist movement that would prevent a foreigner like Watson from even stepping inside a subway station (this is only a slight exaggeration). Watson's feminist credibility has been undermined (or something) because of a Vanity Fair cover. The Beyhive is angry because Watson said something three years ago (I can't keep up!). And also along the way, Watson somehow found the time to embrace bestiality!? It all makes those days of blissfully hopping from station to station without seeing a swastika carved into a seat seem like a very long time ago indeed.

Thankfully, we now get the chance to turn back time for a moment, as Vanity Fair has finally released video of Watson hiding the books. "So read it please, then bring it back and leave it for someone else to find it, you pass on the good deed, pass on love," she says about her 'new library' under the streets of New York.

In a separate video, Watson also gave out advice to strangers at Grand Central, via an iPad, for $2. It turns out she's very into being kind! My conclusion from all of this, as someone who has never seen a Harry Potter movie or anything she has ever been in (except for her cameo in This Is The End, which was pretty funny!), is that Emma Watson is a force for good in the world, and hopefully she will quote me on that and/or ask me to hide books with her next time she is in town. Kind people are my kinda people :)