With all the attention on Stephen Colbert's emotional interview with Vice President Biden, we almost missed that Mayor de Blasio was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers yesterday. De Blasio called out rude subway and street etiquette, telling "morons" to take a hike: "The bottom line is this: we have to share this city, so be considerate and treat everyone with respect. In other words: pull your heads out of your asses!"

De Blasio, who is "like eight feet tall," threatened to rip some arms off if people don't give up their seats to pregnant women. He had some good one-liners: "This isn’t downtown Wichita, it’s New York City. People need to get where they’re going," de Blasio said. "The last thing they want is some oblivious ding-dong standing at the top of the subway stairs watching Transformers 3 on their cell phone." Watch the clip below.

De Blasio stuck around for an interview, in which he found common ground with Donald Trump on income inequality—but he still wouldn't go so far as to endorse Trump. Watch it below.