Donning a checkered shirt, black frame glasses, and a beanie, Mayor de Blasio did his best Brooklyn hipster impression at Saturday's Inner Circle show and the results were, uh, really something. In a comedy sketch loosely based on Undercover Boss, the Mayor donned some cliche Williamsburg camouflage and claimed to be a "unicycle taxi service" driver in order to find out what everyday citizens really think of him. Was the bit a little worn out? Is de Blasio's joke delivery as awkward as ever? Of course, but we elected this Park Slope cool dad, and if polls are any indication, he'll be around for quite some time.

Later in the evening the mayor squared off in a mock-debate against a very convincing Donald Trump, played by comedian Anthony Atamanuik, who is getting his own Trump parody show on Comedy Central. "I'm gonna call you 'the boring' because that's what you are," Trump told de Blasio. "We've been here for two minutes, and you've already put everyone to sleep. It's like talking to a seven-foot tall Ambien." The mock-Trump also threatened de Blasio with a potential border wall between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

"We've got a lot of bad hipsters coming in from Brooklyn," the phoney president said at least weekend's charity show, which is produced and performed by members of the City Hall press corps as an annual charity fundraiser. Watch the mayor's performance below.