The Columbia University School of the Arts is holding its Celebration of Graduates RIGHT NOW, and David Byrne is speaking. Did David Byrne speak at your graduation? Then maybe you want to eavesdrop. This is all being livestreamed, and he just started speaking around 2:30 p.m. and has already made a "Road To Nowhere" joke. Since they haven't figured out embed code up at their fancy school yet, go and WATCH HERE.

Gregory Amenoff, Chair of the Visual Arts Program and Eve and Herman Gelman Professor of Visual Arts spoke about Byrne's speaking engagement, saying, "Over nearly forty years his artistic practice, although centered in music, has embraced virtually every program in the School of the Arts-Visual Art, Film, Theatre and Writing. Mr. Byrne is the very model of how an artist can activate and reveal the world both seen and unseen. We are thrilled that he is bringing his wisdom and inspiration to the graduating students of the School of the Arts." Dean Carol Becker added that Byrne "is an exemplary, interdisciplinary artist who has had enormous success. He is also one of the most socially engaged artists working today. He is therefore an ideal speaker to address the next generation of artists as they go out into the world, hopefully to make an impact on society."