Rapper DMX may have been known in the past for getting arrested a lot (drugs, reckless driving, animal cruelty, carjacking) and um, trying to pass himself off as a federal agent—but now that he's a preacher, Earl Simmons has turned the corner and moved on to new opportunities...as long as they have nothing to do with computers. Because computers are "scary" and "confusing." Though he does find the lingo hilarious: "Computer words are funny. Like 'Google'...That's like something you call somebody, like a baby 'goo-goo' — it's weird."

Blog is also a funny word, although "Bloggeration" sounds pretty, pretty awesome to us:

Yes, the Yonkers-raised DMX seems to suffer from some form of Cyberphobia; he has a special hatred for laptops and trackpads, and a wide-eyed distrust for any word that sounds like a child's mindless utterance. We can all thank radio station Power 105.1 for giving us a glimpse at DMX's affliction in a video Grantland lovingly calls, "DMX Vs. Computer." We can only imagine what he'd make of those new Apple maps.