On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert's monologue needed to be re-written just before the show was going to film. Following President Donald Trump's press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan (or, as Colbert stated, "in the seventh circle of hell”), writer Ariel Dumas tweeted: "We rewrote the entire thing in 30 min after Trump's shitstorm," adding that, "whenever late-breaking news happens the ENTIRE BUILDING scrambles to essentially build a brand new show."

The 12-minute monologue criticizes Trump for refusing to fully (and swiftly) condemn white supremacists following the fatal attack in Charlottesville over the weekend. At the press conference, Trump—for a second time in recent days—stated that there was blame "on both sides," adding, "I have no doubt about it." Colbert declared, "The only thing I’m doubting right now is whether you’re still going to be president by Friday."

Colbert also addressed that new "alt-left" term that Trump dropped on Tuesday, explaining: "The opposite of alt-right isn't alt-left, it's the Not Nazis."

You can watch Colbert "dig into President Trump's off-script/off-the-rocker press conference" in full below: