With all the late night comedy shows now temporarily shut down because of COVID-19, many hosts have resorted to recording low budget monologues and Zoom-assisted interviews from the safety of their own homes. It's led to some mixed results in terms of quality—Stephen Colbert's brilliant improvisational skills have really shined, while other hosts seem to be coasting on charm—but it's admirable that they are all trying to produce content to help amuse and distract us as we wrap our heads around the reality of our current situation.

Colbert has really upped his game this week, producing weird, silly and comforting bits from his bathtub and fire pit. Continuing the elemental theme, this monologue was the light show ("The Light Show With Stephen Colb-Air"). After all the regular jokes about what's been going on in the country, he got sincere and offered a few genuinely moving words about the state of things.

"If there's one good thing that might come out of this crisis, I think it's that in this seemingly divided nation, people are doing their best to protect the country's collective well-being," he said. "Everywhere you look, people are looking after each other, getting food or cleaning supplies for their neighbors regardless of what that neighbor's politics are. Democrat, Republican, Socialist, it doesn't matter right now. We can still disagree about many things, but this crisis has driven home—literally home—the truth that this is one great nation, united in our belief in and need for each other. And [it's] reinforced my belief that the American people, like all people, are essentially good and always want to know how to do the right thing."

In the last two days, Jimmy Fallon has goofed around with his kids and invited Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Garner to video chat with him, which you can watch below. He also is trying to launch a "cowbell challenge," asking people to open their windows and make noise to support first responders and each other.

Jimmy Kimmel video chatted with the incomparable Julia Louis-Dreyfus (and showed her the bread he's been baking at home).

Samantha Bee showed off her survival skills, including how to chop wood and how to wash your hams.

And nobody is doing weirder stuff than the one-and-only Conan O'Brien, who has released several short surreal pieces including: how to take selfies while social distancing, toilet paper life hacks, and how to make hand sanitizer at home.