Joey Scoleri of Live Nation, Charlie Sheen, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly in Chicago.

Finally, some video of Charlie Sheen bombing at his Detroit show this weekend! America, did you give this man $7 million just so you could "boo" him back to reality? If so, we applaud you. Here's Sheen talking about crack. And following that, Simon Rex rapping about cocaine.

Some are reporting that Sheen's show last night in Chicago was better than what you just witnessed in the above videos; following the Motor City disaster he picked up the pieces and reworked the show's format. But was it really better? While TIME reports that he got a standing ovation, not everyone seemed satisfied. One 25-year-old in attendance told the NY Post, "As a show, it was worthless. Nothing happened and there was no point. The whole time I was bored, hoping it would end. Everyone should be ashamed for cheering."

Wow, WE CAN'T WAIT TO GO ON FRIDAY! Yes, we will be there. Join us—tickets are pretty much free now. Plus now that he's ditched his stand-up routine in favor of a Q&A session, you'll get to hear all about that time he smoked weed with Chris Penn. Which is probably a fascinating story.