Wes Anderson's latest opus Moonrise Kingdom opens this weekend, and as an amuse-bouche, here's a slightly buzzed Bill Murray giving you a behind-the-scenes tour of the set. ("I've got a little bit of rum in me now," Murray acknowledges. "Sailor Jerry. It's a spiced rum.") In introducing the actors, Murray explains that the ensemble includes "Edward Norton—he does a lot of psycho work... [And] Bruce Willis, playing a policeman. Typecast, I guess." Check it out:

"I had to work with a bunch of Scouts and kids," Murray explains. "No amount of money can make that right, can it? You know you hear about people having fancy trailers and so forth, their own personal chef and masseuses. We had tents. Tents. Like, pup tents." The short but sweet video also touches on costume choices. "The director, Wes, wears his pants really short," Murray says. "So he likes everyone in the film to wear their pants very short, to look just a little like the kind of person you might like to mug."

In addition to Moonrise Kingdom opening, the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria is currently in the middle of a retrospective of the distinctive director's entire oeuvre. It concludes this weekend with what is, in our opinion, Anderson's highly underrated comedy The Darjeeling Limited. Shot entirely on location on an actual locomotive traveling through India, the film studies an estranged band of privileged American brothers trying desperately to force a "spiritual experience"—and falling so very hilariously short.

[Via The Daily What]