In early February, we ventured out to see if we could clean a small section of a subway platform in a way that, at the very least, left us with a satisfying before & after image. Not fully satisfied, however, filmmaker Jeff Seal set out on an even bigger cleaning project, returning to the High Street station in Brooklyn in a Hazmat suit, and testing out several other products.

Included among these products was Tide, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo previously claimed the MTA uses to clean platforms. (A spokesman for the MTA said he did not believe Tide is used to clean stations. A spokesman for the governor could not confirm where the governor got this piece of information.) Anyway, [SPOILER ALERT!] Tide was the only product that didn't work in Seal's test.

Seal also speaks with several New Yorkers (and tourists, who seem convinced that Clorox's Urine Removal product is a NYC-only thing)—does anyone even care if the subway system is dirty when it barely works anyway? Find out below...

This is the latest installment of our CLEANING NYC series. Stay tuned, next time we tackle a completely different dirt canvas.