Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship glass store was shut down for renovations earlier this year, and won't be reopened until later in 2018. Between that and the hype over the new iPhone X, Apple nerds were ripe for some pranking—and Improv Everywhere heeded the call, opening up their own fake glass Apple Store at the 23rd Street 6 train elevator.

For the prank, which was filmed on a Sunday in mid-October, the group placed giant Apple logos on the sides of the glass cube structure, had some fake Apple Store employees milling about, and threw in a line of 50 people waiting for the new iPhone X. It got lots of heads turning on the street and online—there was at least one Reddit thread speculating that the pop-up was "a silent iPhone X release to advertise the new store." A crew member was even in the station handing Apple Store bags with empty iPhone boxes to the actors to really sell the bit.

Check out the video below, and some behind-the-scenes info about how they pulled it off here.