Last year, hipster bro prankster skater fellow Jesse Wellens took New Yorkers on a magic carpet ride when he dressed up as Artisanal Aladdin for Halloween and "floated" through the streets. This year, Wellens tweaked his design and embraced full body makeup by cruising through the city as the Marvel character Silver Surfer, riding some metaphorical (and possibly literal) vape trails. Of course, this Silver Surfer seems more interested in fighting off the ladies than fighting off Galactus.

Overall, this is a definite step-up from last year's video, not least because Wellens really does look like a cartoon character come to life. Below, you can see the process behind makeup artist Alexys Fleming's body painting.

And Wellens also appears in full costume in (director!) Casey Neistat's separate video.

[h/t Tastefully Offensive]