In 1985, artist Andy Warhol created his first digital painting on an Amiga computer (the family of personal computers marketed by Commodore). See him work his magic on a portrait of Debbie Harry in the machine's "paint system" (Photon Paint?) where he experiences a happy accident with a "leaky flood fill."

In 2010 Technologizer revisited the cult computer 25 years later, noting that the above video was filmed at Lincoln Center—"Commodore was a famously parsimonious outfit, but it splurged on the Amiga’s introduction. The highlight of that Lincoln Center product launch was a demo in which pop art legend Andy Warhol used an Amiga to 'paint' Blondie’s Debbie Harry. The exercise didn’t prove much of anything other than that Warhol was able to use the paint program’s fill command, but it was heady stuff."

[via Retronaut]