"When men reject reason, they have no means left for dealing with one another — except brute, physical force." -Ayn Rand

Mankind has long wrestled with the beast lurking within, and that inner brute took a step forward in NJ this week: US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) destroyed an "illegally imported and unsafe" Mini Cooper at a NJ salvage yard yesterday as an example to all other cars who dare to dream of a better life far away from the surreal and desolate roundabouts of Europe: the lamp beside the golden door shall not be lifted for ye.

We warn you: this is incredibly NSFW if you are a car, if you're a mechanophiliac, if your name is JG Ballard, or if you have a beating heart that bleeds at injustice and savagery in the mechanical age.

"Intercepting illegal and unsafe imports is a top priority for CBP," said Brenda Smith, CBP’s assistant commissioner for International Trade. "Through Operation Atlantic, we are stopping illegally imported, unsafe vehicles from driving on our roadways, and at the same time, partnering with our colleagues in the UK to stop this criminal activity at its source."

The family of this fallen Mini Cooper asks that anyone who wants to honor its short life watch The Italian Job (the Michael Caine version, NOT the Marky Mark one), marathon the entire Fast & Furious series, or do a bunch of donuts in a middle school parking lot.