Creating the most romantic firefighter scene we've seen since Steve Martin whispered sweet nothings into Daryl Hannah's ear via an empty vessel in Roxanne, comes this guy, straight out of the FDNY.

Little information is given aside from the YouTube video title: "NYC firefighter proposes to NYC teacher," but the uploader's name appears to be the teacher's name, Natalie Moy, and our Prince Charming is named Dave, as uttered by the man behind the camera (likely a fellow firefighter). We've reached out to the FDNY for more information regarding the proposal, and will update later, but for now be content watching this magical part of their life story unfold. And turn it up, so you can properly enjoy the children's high-pitched screams of delight once the surprise ring makes its appearance.

UPDATE: The FDNY's Frank Dwyer tells us, "That’s FDNY Lt. David Royael (of Engine 243 in Brooklyn) and his now fiancée Natalie Moy. On the last day of school before the Christmas break, Lt Royael came to school to teach a fire safety lesson to the kids in Ms. Moy’s Kindergarten class. At the end of the lesson, he asked the kids if they wanted to see their teacher put on his bunker gear. They said 'yes!' and you see how the rest plays out. It’s a new school in Woodside, Queens. She’s been a teacher for 14 years. He’s been with the FDNY for 13 years. They’ve been together for 2 years."

We like Jamie Chung as the teacher and Chris Evans as the firefighter for when this gets turned into 2017's biggest romcom.