On the master list of polarizing subway events, Showtime ranks high. Some people perk up upon hearing the clarion call—iiiiiiiiit's SHOWTIME!!!—excited to watch dancers perform acrobatic feats of airborne bendiness on the car's greasy poles. Others (understandably) fear a rogue foot to the face, while still others fly into a rage when Showtime strikes, upset at the spacial inconvenience so many whirling limbs impose on crowded cars. Some straphangers love Showtime, and others really hate it. But whatever camp you fall in, I think you will agree that the Showtime featured in this video below is pretty damn impressive.


from r/nyc

Here, we see six separate dancers working together in a nearly seamless routine: No stage-hogging, no tired moves, just coordinated, complementary teamwork. Personally, my favorite moment comes when two of the Showtimers suspend themselves on the central poll, arching their bodies in a human ring enclosing a third dancer who spins around and around between them, maintaining even speed and admirable control.

But there is also back-flipping, which is noteworthy, and some unexpected-and-astounding repurposing of legs as jump ropes. And who could forget that part where the one guy handily balances his shoe on his finger tip??

These athletes are truly bringing the heat, friends: I am not sure what the song is, but it sounds like a remix of "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5. It really works! All of it really works. I am prepared to award these dancers a perfect 10.

And you? Are you not entertained? Tell us in the comments: Have you ever seen a better Showtime than this?