As we noted in our roundup of this past season of Saturday Night Live, it was an intermittently disappointing and hilariously weird year. The Justin Bieber-hosted episode in February was one of the lowest points in particular, with the pre-pubescent audience eating up any awkward, pandering thing Bieber gave to them. That dynamic collides with the best of surreal SNL in the unaired sketch below, in which everything that can go wrong does, and almost no one laughs but the writers.

A wall almost collapses onto Bieber, Hader's hat obscures his face, the weird sound effects don't get any laughs, the audience mistakenly does a call-and-response, and the dancing giraffe leaves everyone cold. The sketch, written by Bill Hader, Rob Klein, and Jon Solomon, is appropriately dubbed by Hader as "the greatest trainwreck ever" as he and the writers explain in the second half of the video. Considering how dire most of the actual episode was, we really do wish this awkward bit had made it to air.

[h/t AV Club]