Your legs are probably still burning from having to ascend that fifth-floor walkup to your buddy's cookout on the roof this afternoon, but squint through the tears and read all about a 92-year-old Queens man who can pull a Buick with his teeth.

Strongman Mike "Mighty Atom Jr." Greenstein will perform the feat at next week's Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular, but you can watch him pull his car on the Daily News video below.

Greenstein, who is 5'4", weighs 145 lbs and has likely never tried a juice cleanse is the son of Joe "Mighty Atom" Greenstein, who plied his trade bending iron bars and biting nails and generally being buff on the Coney Island boardwalk.

The younger Greenstein, the seventh of 10 children, became a plane mechanic, but still performs For the Love of the Game, and to keep himself strong.

"Everyone tells me I'm too old to pull a car, they say I'm crazy," Greenstein says. "But I enjoy the ability—thank god I'm able to do it. I get pleasure out of knowing that I have the strength that I'm able to at my age to do the things I do."

The paper says Greenstein's been preparing for his performance by eating fresh strawberries, apples and oranges, and spending time "hanging with the ladies at the JASA senior center, a block from his Rockaways apartment."

It doesn't appear as if he needs any of that: demonstrating his car-pulling prowess for the Times' Corey Kilgannon last year, Greenstein pulled so hard that the car slammed into another parked vehicle.