As far as we're concerned, there are only three things happening this Memorial Day Weekend: cicadas will be swarming Staten Island, citi bikes will be swarming Manhattan, and Arrested Development will be swarming our TV screens. We're now approximately 37 hours away from binge-watching new episodes of AD. There's been an overload of interviews, anticipatory lists, and fretful essays—but after watching five new clips for the season, we're feeling more assured than ever that getting our hopes up is not going to be a huge mistake.

In the teasers, Maeby meets the newest family member, George Sr. gets confused about bees, Lucille learns about the new security system in the apartment, Lindsay learns to let go, and Buster shares a smoke with Lucille. Watch the clips below, check out Netflix's Easter Egg hunt here, and start preparing yourself to go dark for 8 hours on Sunday.