Did you know you could go inside of the Washington Square Arch? Well, at least those with the secret password can get inside. Curbed just infiltrated the marble structure and took some covert photos that are worth checking out. A little history: designed by New York architect Stanford White (and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris) the arch was erected in 1892. In 2003, the Villager took at look at the repair work the arch was undergoing, noting that when it began on April 30th "the department opened the spiral stairway within the west leg of the arch that leads to the roof, giving visitors a rare view of the interior brickwork." On that very same roof in 1914 Marcel Duchamp and other artists "lit a bonfire and read a resolution proclaiming the Republic of Greenwich Village, which they toasted with Champagne." Sounds like something Reverend Billy & Co. should reenact!