via My Dad Was In A Band

There is this new website called My Dad Was In A Band, and it's pretty great you guys. You get a short story about the band, a clip of their music, and what is almost always an amazing photograph to tie it all together. The latest band featured comes from Staten Island, and they're called Hot Ice. Give a listen:

The son of guitarist Tommy Marcinek told the site:

"I can recall the first time I heard my dad’s songs. I had never heard anything like it. And at 30 years old I have still not heard anything else quite like it. Its uniqueness is powerful because it encourages the listener to experience music in a different and deeper way. While not mainstream, they still played Clubs in NYC and Staten Island and had loyal fans."

Other NYC bands include 1980s metal band (also from Staten Island) Savage Thrust, the Earle Warren Sextet swing band, and 1970s Post Punk/No Wave band Jack Ruby. Hopefully there will be many, many more to come, because this is amazing... even if it all seems to be a promo site for a new film called A Band Called Death.