Staten Islanders: prepare yourselves, for Snooki is coming, and she cannot—nay, she will not—be stopped. The pint-sized Cheetoh has apparently found the time to design a sunglass line called, somewhat inexplicably, "Poof Nation," and she'll be at the Staten Island mall this Saturday to promote it. And that's not all!

The starlet is also running a contest as part of her "Snooki 500" mall tour (shudder), wherein the first 400 customers to purchase Snooki shades can receive an autographed photo and the chance to meet Snooki IRL (just saying: bring protection). She'll also be at a variety of Jersey malls during the tour—duh—but we have high hopes for the Staten Island stop, mainly because it's the same mall where disgraced ex-Shorer Angelina got into a Hot Topic-fueled catfight last year.

Snooki's "handlers" are prepared to deal with a large crowd, though it remains to be seen whether the hysteria surrounding Snooki's appearance will reach Bieber-esque proportions.