If you've been waiting for a good day to head upstate and build popsicle stick birdhouses with your nanna, Saturday sounds perfect. For this is the day that New York City will once again be under siege by drunken frat boys on a mission to fulfill their favorite Christmas-themed date rape fantasies. It's SantaCon time again! If you've got children, get ready to explain why Santa smells like whisky, urine, and insecurity.

Last year, after hearing about a number of disturbing SantaCon-related sexual harassment incidents, we published an earnest plea for SantaCon to die. That plea was ignored, and it appears that Santacon is returning to the cities of Earth once more, and no doubt in greater numbers. According to the SantaCon Facebook page, "only 26,461 people have RSVP'd" this year. In their defense, organizers point out that the event raises tens of thousands of dollars for Toys for Tots. And all they ask in return is that you be a good sport when a drunk asshole in a Santa suit vomits all over you.

So, you've been warned! Stay indoors or suffer the consequences. Or don't listen to us and go play with the robot:

"Santas On The Move" Trailer from Nick Brewer on Vimeo.